Since most agricultural measures require the use of agricultural machinery, optimizing their use also affects the production costs. 

fleetNET collects telemetry data from the vehicle or additional sensors, and provides real-time insights into whereabouts and activities of the machinery enabling more efficient planning and monitoring of actions undertaken in the field, thus contributing to optimization of production costs and compliance with planned operations.

fleetNET SR

GPS connected to satellite tracking devices

enables tracking locations, activities and sensor data acquisition of agricultural machinery

Cloud-based infrastructure

enables data collection, storage, access to 3¬rd party data and application-specific data analytics.

Web and mobile applications

visualize data, provide easy-to-follow instructions and generate required reports.

Benefits of using fleetNET:

  • Verification of execution of field activities
  • Increased operational activity
  • Reduced fuel consumption and servicing costs
  • Increased crop quality
  • Reduced yield losses
  • Decreased negative impact on the environment