Poultry management

Poultry management


The main purpose of the poultry management module is to enable more efficient production of the high-quality meat, while reducing negative environmental impact and respecting the animal welfare. It provides easy-to-use decision support  instructions based on the real-time observations of the parameters of interest and digitized domain expertise enabling farmers to manage all steps in the broilers production.

Current set of functionalities was extended with the new one called CHAT to help farmers in early detection of stress issues.

The algorithm for early detection of stress issues was created based on:
  • Vocalizations of the sounds produced by chicken
  • Chicken behaviour
  • Environmental parameters
  • by using Azure Machine Learning service

Funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, via an Open Call issued and executed under project DIATOMIC       

   Sensor measurements

Micro – climate monitoring device enable real time monitoring of relevant environmental parameters in the poultry house (air temperature, air humidity, oxygen level, ammonia level, CO2…).
Sensors for measuring food and water consumption enable real time insight and inputs for decision make algorithms.
Audio and visual measurements – inputs for stress detecting algorithms.
Cloud based infrastructure enables data collection, storage, access to 3rd party data and application – specific data analytic.


   Digitized decision support models

Built-in expert models provide instruction for keeping production conditions on optimum level according to sensors measurements, chicken age and production goals.
Audio and video based stress detection of chicken enables early detection of health issues and improving breeding process.
Instructions and advices for easier compliance with the best production practices and applicable regulations
Economy assistant provides tools for financial calculations, revenue and costs analysis.



Easy to use instructions on activity to be undertaken based on digitized expertize and real time data from production objects.



Using the Poultry management expert modules, the environmental conditions as well as food and water consumption and prepared feed mixture could be tailored to specific animal needs and production goal. Increased of energy, optimized food and water consumption and better meat quality are the main benefits.