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DunavNET is a research intensive SME focusing on Internet of Things and the application of IoT technologies in creating and designing smart systems in different domains, including smart transport, environment monitoring, smart buildings etc. The company was established in 2006 in Novi Sad, Serbia with an office in Dublin, Ireland. Together with its spin-off DNET Innovation center it employs 40 people, mainly telecommunications, computer science and software engineers. The main customers are mobile operators, large telecommunication vendors and enterprises.
The expertise of the company lies in the domain of designing and provisioning of dedicated IoT services and applications (employing different types of sensors) and integration with the cloud services. Examples of such commercial solutions are ekoNET, a mobile environment monitoring solution, fleetNET, a fleet management solutions, participatory sensing and augmented reality mobile applications, etc. Additionally, DunavNET has built extensive expertise in designing and developing mobile applications and general web solutions.
With our partner company OdinS (Spain) we are working on development of IoT based solutions with particular focus on agriculture. The results of this collaboration are applied in projects like Wireless Monitoring Networks for Automatic Centre-Pivot Irrigation, Smart Valve Controllers for Distributed Agriculture Irrigations, Real-Time Monitoring Network for High-Resolution Soil Analysis.
DunavNET is one of the founding members of the International IoT Forum. In 2006, DNET co-founders initiated summer school on wireless sensors networks and IoT ( Last year, DNET started Museum 3.0, an interactive place where children can learn about and interact with the IoT devices and solutions.

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