1. What is agroNET?

agroNET is a cloud-based platform that enable integrated overview of complete farm assets (tractors, machinery, irrigation systems, diesel generators, weather stations, insect traps, sensors etc.) and activities. The platform provides just-in-time guidance and support to farmers through different expert modules, which are designed and implemented in collaboration with relevant agriculture experts and are validated in collaboration with end users. agroNET comes with different configurations, tailored to the needs of vineyards, orchards, vegetable production, arable crop and poultry production.

2. How agroNET works?

Devices with sensors for measuring parameter of interest should be installed at the fields. agroNET uses those infield measurements as inputs in expert modules and creates easy to use instructions by to help farmers to optimize their production.

3. Is it possible to integrate agroNET with existing systems (i.e.ERP)?

Yes, the agroNET could be integrated with different systems already in use.

4. Which hardware is supported?

In principle, any hardware connectable to Internet, with open communication protocols and providing relevant measurements can be used. However, we do provide custom built and tested devices for each service.

5. Can the platform use hardware devices that are already installed at fields?

Of course, we just need to check how to gather data from these devices, should some protocol adapters be created…

6. How is agroNET offered? / Who are our customers?

We offer agroNET as:
  • Ready-to-use standalone solutions or integrated using open APIs into wider solutions (for system integrators)Hosted and managed under service providers’ own label
  • Digital agriculture enablers hosted on MS Azure, accessible via APIs (for software developers)
Our customers (and partners) are:
  • Smart agriculture service providers who want to offer novel services to small and large farmers and agriculture companies
  • System integrators who want to provide smart agriculture solutions to their customers
  • Software developers who want to build own smart agriculture solutions without having to have in-house agriculture expertise
Smart agriculture service providers and system integrators are responsible for the sales process towards end users, local installation, configuration, and customer support.

7. Who are the end users of agroNET?

agroNET end users are:
  • Medium to large farmers and agriculture companies
  • Food supply chain stakeholders

8.How can end user benefit from using agroNET?

agroNET is designed to simplify and optimize management on the farms:
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased yields
  • Increased profits
  • Better quality food
  • Reduced negative impact on the environment
  • Real-time insights into the activities and field operation

9. Is there a possibility of a trial period?

We offer one-month free trial of our software. During this period, you will have the chance to get deep insights into the agroNET’s powerful analytics, reports and recommendations. We are certain that, after this, you will fall in love with our smart solutions.
Register for a free trial:

10. What time is needed for ROI?

Return of investment is 2-3 years for installations on fields of 10ha or more.