suite of smart agriculture solutions
that can be licensed under agroNET
or under our client’s own brand

agroNET is a suite of smart agriculture solutions that can be licensed under agroNET or under our client’s own brand. The suite is designed by DunavNET, a technology provider that develops interoperable, Microsoft Azure based, turnkey IoT solutions for smart agriculture, manufacturing, and cities.
DunavNET is one of the founding members of the International IoT Forum, a member of the Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and one of the organizers of the two IoT-based annual events: the SenZations - summer school on IoT and its applications and the IoT Week conference. DunavNET is also actively involved in collaborative research and innovation projects related to advancement of IoT technology and its application across a number of domains. DunavNET is currently managing TagItSmart, a Horizon 2020 project enabling smart packaging for FMCG products.

Design, implementation, and deployment of complete, turnkey IoT solutions

The company was established in 2006 and has offices in Novi Sad (Serbia) and Dublin (Ireland). The team of over 30 people (mainly university educated) is focused on design, implementation, and deployment of complete, turnkey IoT solutions. This includes all required components and functionality from the hardware devices equipped with sensors, actuators, gateways, selection of communication protocols, integration with cloud services, data storage and analytics as well as client web and mobile applications.
To ensure the best results and expedite implementation of novel solutions, DunavNET created a strong ecosystem of partners bringing together a multidisciplinary team of specific domain experts, university professors, hardware providers as well as cloud platform providers.
With agroNET, a digital agriculture toolset, the company helps farmers worldwide to digitalize agricultural production, improve the quality and the yield of crops, and, overall, to enable more sustainable food production for the growing global population.
agroNET runs on Microsoft Azure to ensure an enterprise grade environment providing scalability, reliability and compliance with relevant data privacy regulations.
agroNET web and mobile applications enable easy use at any place and provide information in the form of ready-to-use instructions based on the embedded agriculture expertise and real time measurements collected from in-field devices.
The vision of the team behind agroNET is to:
- make agricultural expertise widely available, easily consumable and affordable (democratization through digitalization)
- transform precision agriculture to prescriptive by offering easy-to-use expert advice based on real-time field observations
- keep up with the latest developments in the IoT domain through various R&D projects and to implement gained expertise and valuable experience into picture-perfect solutions
Visit the official DunavNET website and learn more about the turnkey IoT solutions for smart agriculture, smart cities and smart manufacturing.